Debtors: Resolving your situation.

SUMMIT RECEIVABLES (SR) understands the difficult times we are in. SR has a history of working and collaborating with people to retire these debts as quickly and smoothly as possible. The process begins with contact with the goal of developing a plan to pay monies owed, execution of the agreed program and keeping customers on track. Over several years, SR has found this approach to be the best and most successful to its customer.

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Through the development of a program of mutual understanding and cooperation, the SR system has become the Gold Standard in debt and asset recovery.

The key to the successful retirement of debt is communication and information. The more information a customer can provide SR’s highly experienced team, the more options for repayment can be explored. Working and communicating with customers has always proven more successful than the outdated practices of years past.

Circumstances change for all of us and working with your personal SR representative ensures that your financial obligation is retired in a reasonable and respectful manner so you can put it behind you and not worry about what may seem on the surface an insurmountable situation for you and your family.

SR provides a secure server to ensure you have as many options as possible to pay the obligation through the program agreed with your representative. As well, payments can be made with a Credit Card, wire/money transfer or PayPal.

Now is the time to take that first step in resolving your situation.

You can resolve your debt without ever speaking to a live person. By clicking on the link, our proprietary online negotiator will allow you to choose from various payment options.

You may also contact us directly to get started.