Solid Returns from High Quality Portfolios
of Uncollected Consumer Debt.

Summit Receivables (RC) represents the best practices in nationwide debt and asset recovery. Registered and licensed nationwide, RC focuses its significant collection expertise exclusively on uncollected debt portfolios purchased from regional, national and global financial institutions. RC’s experienced debt and asset recovery teams, once deployed, historically yield a favorable ROI and IRR for its investors. Frontier Financial has a two-year track record of consistent return for investors. Once RC has completed the collections on a portfolio, the remainder is sold off resulting in yet another revenue stream for investors.

SR currently manages the collection activity on over $400,000,000 of consumer debt portfolios purchased from primary creditors including some of the largest financial institutions in the world.

The primary purpose for a prospective investor to participate in an SR offering would be to obtain a return on investment through profits generated from the successful debt collection by SR as well as the sale of the remaining (residual) uncollected debts of the portfolio.

Prior to the commencement of collection activity, SR structures a Limited Partnership available to accredited investors and institutions. Once the LP is fully subscribed, SR begins the collection process while managing and monitoring the portfolio ensuring that net collection revenues are remitted monthly and distributed to the Limited Partners.

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